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  • Thinning my gtlds for 2018 - you guys get first crack.

    Going through all my names to start the year off, what to keep and what to sell if the price is right. All names are at Enom:

    Domain Name Annual Fee $36.00 $22.00 $17.00 $73.00 $22.00 $230.00 $230.00 $74.00 $230.00 $15.00...
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  • Clear.Domains
    started a topic Anyone knowledgable on "Chinese" domains?

    Anyone knowledgable on "Chinese" domains?

    I'm pretty I made a classic noob mistake when I was caught in the Chinese run on entire extensions not too long ago. A year later and no one has emailed me or called me to give me lots of money!
    Anyone here have any knowledge on if these names have any value I'd be appreciative.

    There are multiple names with 3 extensions and variations on:, .online and .space

    Thanks for any feedback!
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  • Uniregistry to offer 3.5m names today - now

    In case this wasn't posted - just got an email from Uniregistry about it:
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  • Finding renewal fees for names at Uniregistry

    Back in Jan I gave up trying to find renewal fees in my Uniregistry admin account (downloading their csv option gave me a lot of things, but no renewal fee amounts). So I opened a ticket and was given a csv file with renewal fees.

    I was just invoiced $1540 for 3 names that are listed at $29.88 renewal on the file I was sent. I opened a ticket of course.

    How do you folks know what you'll be charged?
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  • Clear.Domains
    started a topic Donuts raising prices

    Donuts raising prices

    Just got this notice from a registrar we have used in the past (always been a bit pricey).

    The registry operator Donuts has announced price increases effective October 1st, 2016. It means that our list prices will also need to be adjusted. We highly encourage you to familiarize yourself with these changes, so you can adjust your prices accordingly. Here's what to expect:

    TLD Current Price New Price Effective Date
    camera $28 $45 Oct. 1, 2016
    camp $28 $45 Oct....
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  • Clear.Domains
    started a topic

    Great geo name for fast moving, competitive sector.
    CHICAGOTAXI.COM last sold for $3,600 on 2005-06-05 at SnapNames
    Excellent search name.
    7500+ exact match searches every month from all search venues.
    Medium CPC
    Fair price based on all key factors.

    Available for BIN $1200 for members (higher reserve at Flippa).

    Buyer pays for transaction fees via
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  • Clear.Domains
    started a topic Good article on SEDO gTLD strategy

    Good article on SEDO gTLD strategy

    "As an industry leader it is at the utmost of importance for Sedo to support initiatives within the domain world such as the new gTLDs who have finally started to gain more and more traction - 17 million overall registrations being an impressive number. We are striving for users to engage the new names and for this engagement to spread to a more diverse audience. Our mainstay marketing activities and...
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  • Clear.Domains
    started a topic A nice sale

    A nice sale

    Sold a name recently for $14k via DNS, completed about a month ago.

    I had it listed for $19k. Initial offer was $3k which I passed on. That amount did make me think they were serious and they knew something about the value of a really good name. They went away for about 3 weeks and then contacted DNS again, this time at $7k. I thought about it pretty seriously. Up until this time I had sold about 4 names from $300 to $2500, so that was a nice chunk of money. But in the end I felt the...
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  • Why $10,000 for a domain name is still cheap

    Great article, good for sales language.
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  • Anyone familiar with: "domain certification service?"

    This feels like a big scam to me - anyone use a service like this?

    Certification service web site:

    It went like this:
    1. Someone contacts me out of the blu efrom the email on the whois for a name I have listed online for sale.
    2. They say they have a buyer who is interested, and do I have other names for sale?
    3. I say yes, I have other names for sale.
    4. They say their buyer will buy my name for X amount (high)...
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