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  • Investment domain names (,, and much more)

    a) Investment domain names, carefully selected.
    b) To initiate a deal, post "sold" + domain name to the thread.
    c) Please note : all transactions are subject to confirmation (which means, unless I confirm it via email, I do not have obligation to sell you the name for price given here).
    d) All transactions are done via I reserve my right to cancel escrow transaction in case payment is not done in reasonable time frime (which is usually 72 ho...
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  • Marek
    started a topic .loans names

    .loans names

    Guys, some of you are holding best of the best .loans names. I just made extensive study of what was available in this TLD yesterday, and got few names.
    Their renewal is standard for all of them, but as it is around 70 atm, I think only best 1 or 2 names will be keepers. Can you please share your views what is good and what you would drop?
    Critical views are especially welcome as it will help me not to waste money. I just parked them and will test their traffic and potential offers,...
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  • Marek
    started a topic Las Vegas name....

    Las Vegas name....

    And they are are

    LasVegas * International

    I kind a like a name, what is your opinion guys?

    It was first registered in April 2014, then was dropped twice, now I got it...why someone would drop it? It has standard renewal of 15 bucks or so, so not difficult to keep...?
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  • Marek
    started a topic nice .life domains for sale ($199/each)

    nice .life domains for sale ($199/each)

    Do your own due diligence (check expiration date at, as some expires soon and you will need to renew if sold here)

    Sale ended
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  • Marek
    started a topic any weed related domain for $1500:)

    any weed related domain for $1500:)

    sale is over, thank you
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  • my new .hosting domains - what do you think?

    just bought coin*hosting and btc*hosting from another domain investor. It was not very cheap, so hopefully they will be worth it

    Both names have standard renewal of $25 (they are hosted at bigrock, and this is what is the price there for .hosting...)

    What do you guys thinks in terms of end user prices I can ask?
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  • cute, beautiful domain available to reg now

    And the domain name is fine*life - I like .life names and always looking for another, so I am tempted, but I do not like the renewal of $100-120 for this one, goes against my standard reg fee preference.

    But it is not SO high, It is borderline imo - so might be profitable for someone else here maybe
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  • Another funny things about premium renewals, this time positive

    So there is something positive I found in relation to premium renewals : recently I was renewing my .glass domains (I have super*glass, medium*glass and top*glass)

    Now, I am not a big fan of those $45-55 renewals, but there are tons of end users for those, so I keep them long term. And here is the deal : I was checking names, and found out, that if the name has standard renewal, it will cost you anything between 45-55 (which would be the case for top*glass and super*glass when I renew...
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  • Marek
    started a topic my first .property domain, i like it

    my first .property domain, i like it

    ok, so I was contacted by another domain investor at NP, who offered me quick flip for his recently registered Premium*Property - was not able to resist, so I paid quite nice premium to him, hopefully it will be worth it. What do you guys think? I personally assume 6k - 8k would be fair end user price in 2017
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  • Marek
    started a topic Bicoin names - each for 0.5 BTC

    Bicoin names - each for 0.5 BTC

    Various bitcoin names - make offer if interested (BIN 0.5 BTC is not valid anymore, BIN retracted).
    All names are with low standard renewals.

    thebitcoin*market, name is renewed until May 2024, (name without prefix "the" is taken, with significant renewal)

    bitcoinsfor*sale (bitcoins*forsale reserved by registry), it is a natural phrase, might be great in future IF voice search and phone assistants are more prevalent, and in case keyword and TLD will be considered...
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