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  • Dan
    started a topic Sold a .xyz

    Sold a .xyz

    I sold an .xyz for $2,800 on

    Sedo will probably reveal the name once the transfer is complete.
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  • Dan
    started a topic .bot


    Not sure what to think of this extension.

    The ones that I would have liked the most are either taken or very expensive (,,,,,, etc...).

    I registered holo - bot and online - bot at reg fee as an experiment, although I don't know if they will have resale value.
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    Last edited by Dan; 12-09-2017, 03:35 PM.

  • Dan
    started a topic Self-made landing pages

    Self-made landing pages

    I have seen multiple members of this forum using self-made landing pages.

    I wanted to point out a disadvantage that I have noticed in many of them: they won't redirect subdomains to the webpage.

    For example, if the domain is, and a user types into their browser, in most cases it will not reach the landing page.

    Depending on the domain, the number of potential pageviews lost can be big. For example, I own the subdomain,...
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  • Dan
    started a topic .place & .systems sales

    .place & .systems sales

    I sold a .place for $7k and a .systems for $1.5k this month

    will reveal names after they clear escrow
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  • Dan
    started a topic .deals SALE

    .deals SALE

    Domains for Sale: $500 $300 $800 has a $73 renewal, the other two have a $37 renewal.
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    Last edited by Dan; 11-09-2017, 12:41 AM.

  • Dan
    started a topic electroneum


    Since several members of this group recently invested in electroneum, I wanted to share my experience.

    I bought a bit of electroneum in the pre-sale, not much, about $30 worth.

    Then, I waited until mining began, and in the first day I made over 5,000 electroneums, mainly because they did not announce the starting date properly, and most other miners were not aware of it. After that I stopped because too many people got in and mining stopped making sense.

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  • Dan
    started a topic issue issue

    A while ago I transferred a bunch of .online domains to, to take advantage of their low pricing.

    Today, when doing a routine whois check on one of them, I noticed that changed the registrant to another person:

    Registrant Name: Yang Ke
    Registrant Organization: Yang Ke
    Registrant Street: Si Chuan Sheng Cheng Du Shi Jin Niu Qu
    Registrant City: Cheng Du Shi
    Registrant State/Province: Si Chuan Sheng
    Registrant Postal Code: 610000
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  • Dan
    started a topic sms,marketing for sale

    sms,marketing for sale

    sms,marketing for sale: $5k

    The term "sms marketing" has 14,800 monthly searches / high competition / $8.38

    Also - a lot of matching .com domains. Already taken in most other extensions (.com/.net/.org/.us/.info/

    I love this domain, but it has a high renewal fee ($230).
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  • Dan
    started a topic .online portfolio - Sale

    .online portfolio - Sale

    The following .online portfolio for sale:


    Portfolio price: $2,500...
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  • Dan
    started a topic .radio


    To anyone thinking of registering .radio domains, please read their website first (
    No Speculators, No Cybersquatting

    Strong policies to ensure authenticity of all .radio domains. Checks and controls will keep .radio safe.

    To register and renew a .radio domain name You must be an individual or a legal entity with a nexus to the .radio community. This nexus means that you must be linked to the community at the time of registration and thereafter
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