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  • Marek
    replied to Appraise for end user
    Imo very difficult task to appriase the all depends who is the buyer. If it happens that they are somehow connected to name and rich, then price must reflect that. Always very important to do due dilligence.

    From what my google search showed in few seconds when I searched for "ask fund"..I would say, if end user is not clear (they can use proxy) that 20k - 30k would be the best start...there are at least 2 companies who are actually having those strings in their name,...
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  • Well the question would be if the names you offered really had some synergies between them if you state you fail with that (I do not know as I have no idea what names you do own) If you sold (example) and then offered this is not going to happen. But if you sold lets say (example) to insurance provider, and have also and in your pocket, chances are much better! Some well prepared sale pitch and sell skills...
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  • Well we are competitors here so I will not go to great details, but I will just give you hint:

    Of course, and, there is no synergy between them just because they are in 1 tld, this is not what I ment

    But think of following examples :
    a) adult names in .live (I have 9) - I am selling them as set (had already some serious interest there, the question is price)
    b) financial terms in .online (can sell this to bank or financial institution,...
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  • Nice discussion above
    I totally agree with many points here. It is perfectly ok to drop names, as by time we get different ideas what works and what not.

    One thing to note is also synergy in portfolio (means you create smaller sub-portfolios as per topic/extension). I think most people do not do that, which is pitty.

    It is very difficult to build profitable new gTLD portfolio if that is just chaotic. Then we have lot of 50$/100$ selling threads here. We all know...
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    price USD 500
    standard renewal for .country (USD 25 at NameCheap)
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