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  • Chad
    replied to Hey Yall, what a great place!

    I think you are about 3-4 years late on being able to say "remember when you could pick up great ngtld names for reg fee?".

    The great ones are gone, held back by registry, or have high priced renewals.

    I'm sure some gems can be found if one took the time to find them and truly understood what makes a domain great....
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  • I don't blame Donuts for doing what they're doing.

    They paid a lot of $$$ for those extensions and have overhead to think of.

    They were the best at letting us in on some of the better names compared to others.

    We all had the same shot at getting the best names when they launched.

    If there is blame to be placed I would put it on how ICANN ran these things.
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