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    Hey guys it's been a while

    I had two gtld.gtld names but I stupidly let them expire as I was going through hard times, and by the time I tried to renew them they were already grabbed by someone else

    These names were and, should I feel bad about it? How much would you have bought them for and how much would you have sold them for?

    I thought they were great when I managed to register them but then I hardly got offers over the years so I don't know, do you have examples of other gtld.gtld that sold?

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    I had 5 offers so far for but since I don't intend to sell this name, I replied politely saying that it is not for sale.

    I would buy if it has a standard renewal but I would'nt buy as the name is too long.


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      Well just sold for 20K, with a very high renewal. Those type domains are not easy to get, most are now reserved.
      Domains for-sale,


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        Thanks for the replies, ah yea I'm feeling bad now, for 20k...I had renewed several years ahead but I didn't realize it stopped in 2018...guess I'm gonna have to go through the grief process now lol, yea that hurts...