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  • Arabic.Media

    Hi all,

    I recently got 10 offers from Sedo on Arabic.Media. Highest offer was $850, which I rejected. They were all from the same user.
    Can you guys appraise this domain and let me know what you think it's worth // what would you sell it for?
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    hi mate, apparently the demand is there! If it gets 10 offers, it means someone want it really desperately.

    Now, your task is to find out who is that someone, and why he wants it. It can be just person who can pay 1000 max, it can be person who does not care about money at all.

    If you will not find out more details about buyer, you might sell it very cheaply - you also might be ok with it, but lot of money on the table can be left.

    So do not ask us what is the value - the value is often not in domain name, but in a need of specific buyer. Get to know them, open a normal conversation, and do not be afraid to ask!
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    • dnlife
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      good advice Marek, i would add to his advice... ask him what is his plan with the domain, is he going to develop it, tell him to send you an email using his business email address, use linkedin for business related findings and use other social media to find out as much as you can about your potential buyer, then you can price the name accordingly, always go higher but dont exaggerate, this way you always have space to lower the price and offer discount as incentive if you close the deal in certain time frame for example , be realistic pricing it, use existing selling data, like Marek suggested you may be happy to sell at certain price that you may have in your head, for example at 850, how much profit you getting already... how fast did he came up to 850, was it a day or over the course of 10 days? if its day or 2 i would think he would go up as much as 3x 850, so then you talking already 3K but thats only IMO. hope this help !! i believe arabic media will be sought after more as time go by, and personally i would try to get between 15 - 20K for it, maybe a bit more !!
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    • Royal.Domains
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      very good advice Marek .. thanks

    • Marek
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    Thanks for the advice. I reopened the negotiation period with the user... let's see if I can get the email
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