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  • Domaining.Life

    Appraise please

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    hi Cate, i owe, in a sense i see value in this name to be used by domainers that are selling domain names or perhaps a blogger passionate enough to write about domains, however, as we know domainers will hit you with a very low ball and bloggers don't pay big bucks for a domain name, so based on this comment my appraisal would be low, maybe around 1.5K with right buyer, sorry, but that's only 1 guy opinion and i may be well off the mark here, i hope you can sell it for much more !


    • Marek
      Marek commented
      Editing a comment
      100% agreed. It is very nice name, but might be limited by fact that it targets domainers.
      Domainers mantra is buy cheap sell high, so even if they like the name, they will lowball mostly.
      Saying that, I feel it is great name and 2k+ might be realistic, of course there can be several years of holding.