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    Hey guys,hope your doing well,what do you think about these names? is german and means travel

    what is the best?
    And would like to rent out them.What would you say is a fair price per month?


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    I like and best. As for marijuana it is illegal in my country and you will get death penalty if you are caught having it. Even for medical usage also it is not legal. If you are looking for companies to rent the names from you I think it will not be easy. Best to sell them in my opinion. Good luck mate!


    • #3,, = I feel very good value in them...they are as close as possible to - good names - this is truly fantastic name, of course only for end users in countries where marijuana is already legalized, like in many countries in EU where I live, or in several states in US - amazing name, do not let it go, this is something I would try to rent out, definitely. - what to say, another amazing name, huge value! and I do not feel that much

      For how much to rent? It is important to estimate what the value would be for end user (selling price) and then basically divide that by number of months in 3 - 5 years, (so by 36 - 60), and give your "tenant" a 3 - 5 year contract (of course you need to set some assurances for them in the contract too). So if the price is 60 000. then monthly rent would be 1000 - 1666. I think something like that can be realistic for some of the above names.
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        Thanks for your assessments.


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          Any premium keyword .shop could not have been cheap. You have to get a rate of return that equals what you put into it. I know Marijuana was an expensive keyword


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            I like how much did it cost ? What's renewals ?


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              Thanks for your responses guys.
              But I'm really also interested in your opinions Chad,Edward,Dan and others.
              Please feel free to share your reviews and criticism.