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    Originally posted by mad409 View Post
    Chad why check NNN when the promotion is 6, 7, 8 and 9?
    Why not? When I'm working a specific extension I run all kinds of stuff.

    You'd be surprised what's available sometimes. I have picked up many hundreds over the years that dropped for no apparent reason or I didn't catch on the drop list.

    When you see a good domain available you register it fast. You don't go try to figure out why it's available first. You will lose a lot of names that way over the years. Domaining101.


    • mad409
      mad409 commented
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      I would have reged them too but knowing they would probably. get taken back.

      Can anyone show these were drops at one time?

    • Chad
      Chad commented
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      I see no history on the few I checked so I would guess the registry released them if I picked them up.

    • mad409
      mad409 commented
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      Unless I know more on how the entire system works I'm not sold that it's not Dynadot's fault and not .xyz. I'd honestly need more technical determine who's actually at fault here and how their systems connect and work.

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    You didn't think he was going to let you keep names he charges thousands for annually for $2? If he had a loophole he was going to use it.

    The GTLDS have huge liabilities in the framework of the contracts, a smart buyer will always discount for this.

    .xyz is going to be on be on a PR blitz ahead of the 1 cent drops. It's just musicial chairs, but the music has to stop eventually as the party is over.


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      The legal framework for the new g's are a joke, and as always the joke are on the domainer. These companies should not have this much power, they can't handle it.
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        The registries are getting desperate. Just last month, I dropped a domain name (which I think was not so good) and Donuts has now reserved it. Most of my domain names are from Donuts and I just hope they don't get influenced by these other registries.


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          M&M cheated me with
          dot paris with
          dot cologne asked me to drop my names
          dot bet cheated me with
          Frank Schilling increased his renewals

          Many domainers already renewed some names for years because they do not trust the registry. This is a reputation catastrophe This basis is a nightmare for the customer (reseller & enduser) .

          who cares ? maybe the next registry cares !
          I will not spend 500$ for a or (EAP fee) on this basis. fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

          I only trust DONUTS and I already started to get rid off all the other names.


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            I finally got a response (if you'd call it that) from the XYZ Registry:

            Hi Brock,

            Unfortunately, these domains were registered in error. We apologize for the inconvenience.

            Your registrar should have credited you for the transaction already. Please follow up with them if you don't see a credit.




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