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    Just purchased from domainer
    What do you guys think of spelling, is modelling or modeling better? I do not like when keyword can be spelled 2 ways, but I made exception in this case, as imo keyword goes nicely with .VIP
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    A good rule is to stay away from ING domains from the most part, unless totally generic, or high search volume.

    I think this is a term many would not even register for 99 cents. I am not sure why you paid $20 for it, but good luck.


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      Yes airmax, thank you so much for revealing purchase price, it is very appreciated. This is what I needed. You did not reply to my question, you have not helped me at all, but sure you need to lessen the domain name.

      Same great service you do in For Sale section to others, I got used to it, you do it often.

      It is so nice, we are a small group of new gTLDs investors here, so lets stab each other to back, that will really help us. I do not understand you at all. Keep going.
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        One thing I never liked much about domain forums is when people ask for opinions and can't take straight shooting criticism.

        I used to say on an old forum long ago, if you are only looking for positive opinions then please state that.

        If you put something out on a discussion board you gotta be open for whatever comes your way. Even if it's not directly related to your question.

        Everyone sees things differently.

        There's a few folks here that have a lot of experience with domains, like Airmax. He may not always be right but he's telling you how he see's it from his experience.

        I know it can feel like a kick in the nuts sometimes but absorbing it will help with the learning curve down the road.

        As for my opinion on it, Airmax is right about "ing" domains but in this case Modeling is the right term. It does fit well with .vip.

        As for spelling, I like one L as that's how we spell it in the US. In UK they often try to be different and even drive on the wrong side of the road.


        • Marek
          Marek commented
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          Thank you Chad, it is very appreciated! I am glad to know spelling is right for US, I was not entirely sure about that.

          As for Airmax, I have to admit publicly - I am not so much into these kind of kicks in the nuts Imo one should not reveal the purchase price of domain of other member in the way he did, it is great disservice from obvious reason. Lot of people now on NP forum are now reading anti gtLDs hype there which is just crazy at the moment, and some of them are selling their portfolios for great prices (particularly .vip will finish its 1 year cycle in 2 months), so one can buy very good domains there cheaply now, which is what I do. But I leave it at that point, as I wrote already what I had in mind, and will hope Airmax will be more caring

        • Chad
          Chad commented
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          Yea, not sure why he mentioned your buy price.

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        Personally i do not like the ING ending at all, but sometime exceptions could happen, experienced domainers will tell you that, and this is one of the first thing i was explained and learned, however on this occasion it does fit with .vip and i kinda like it ! there is plenty of Chinese buyers loving their .VIP, so Marek you may be on the win here-best of luck. All three of you made valid points in my opinion, starting from Chad to Airmax, and Marek about privacy to withhold certain info, however it would not bother me to share the purchase price, i am not sure if it would greatly affect your future sale, domainers buy all the time low and sell high, right ? i would take on the chin positive and negative criticism anytime and learn from it, and not get to emotional about it. To finish of, being on this side of the world i am used to 2L's but i preffer 1L-keep it simple, Chad i respectfully disagree.. in relation to driving in UK on the wrong side of the road, not in the opinion of the lovely British people !! its the rest of the world that should be catching up and go drive on the right or correct side of the road, LOL only joking Chad, had to break the ice !
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        • Marek
          Marek commented
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          Thank you Sinisha, I apreciate it! Yes, seems like Chinese likes .vip a lot, recently I spoke with Chinese investor who paid mid Xxxx per keyword .vip, although keywords were coming from financial sphere and were really good. I do not understand why there is quite week demand from western investors at the moment (at least from my own experience as I hold hundreds of .vip names)..that sincerely surprise me, as VIP is broadly used acronym in western too.

          Btw ,few years ago I have spent few months in beautiful Ireland, in Limerick and Dublin, I liked the country very much! Very nice green colour in nature and fresh, although little rainy weather. Greetings to Cork

        • dnlife
          dnlife commented
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          hey Marek if you can hold onto your better ones, yes, seems the western like the Chinese investors are participating from sidelines for the moment , just watching what will happen next. Thanks for the greeting, so you did.. spend some time here on the green island, hope it was good times, and guess what kinda weather we have right now , where are you based now ?

        • Marek
          Marek commented
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          I am most of my time based in Prague mate. But I usually stay 2-3 months at some southern located countries during the winter (I stay at Gran Canaria this year) cause it is warm and sunny here! My friends are saying bad weather at the moment in Prague, so I am happy I escaped that

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        Some domains are great, but they will never sell.

        You have to ask yourself are you a domain collector, or domain investor.

        Because when you get into the GTLD realm present day, your chance or sell thru drops to a decimal compared to the .com in an overall case study.

        So let's take, owned by a domain investor, no other extensions ever registered, for example .net .org etc...

        Let's take the british/canadian version never ever registered, anyone that wants to waste $10 go for it.

        I mentioned the sales price, because he needs to sell it for $30 to break even, so who will give you $30? I am skeptical against registries that have high offshore registrations based on cheap year 1 pricing. I saw it with .info, it never recovered to investment grade. There are just to many domains out there to screw around with domains you are going to buy for $20, and try to sell for $50-$100, you are just taking money out of your pocket.

        GTLD's for the moment from an investor standpoint, have gone into defensive mode, ask these guys how many category killers they have sitting without offers, right now you are best to weed your portfolio to the best of breed, shed any high premium, and wait for the right offer.

        How many sellers here have threads up saying need cash, selling domains, nobody is even making them any offers in the $20-$100 range?

        Yes, truth hurts, but it hurts more when you have forced to drop your names when you can't afford to renew them.
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          That's how I see it as well.

          Modeling goes with VIP but chances of an end user sale is small.

          I have not heard of any .vip sales yet except on Chinese side and who knows what they are doing over there.

          I have some nice ntlds that get no inquiries (they become drop potentials at renewal time). I also have many nice dotcoms that rarely get inquiries.

          Some of my top ntlds, if I have the for sale banner on, get many inquiries. On some of them they get so many I had to turn the banner off (too many low offers to deal with and they are long term keepers).

          This is why I bring up "odds of selling" often.

          This domain could sell for $1500 to an end user but the odds are super tiny.

          If you have a portfolio of hundreds or thousands of domains with super tiny odds of selling and/or no other revenue generation, you won't be able to make up the cost it takes to renew them all from the few sales you might get.

          This is why I favor domains that get traffic and have PPC revenue. Although this is dying slowing more and more as well.

          If does sale to an end user, that does not change this theory either. It's just of the rare ones with low odds of selling that sold.


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            Circle jerking with noobs will get you nowhere. If you are fortunate enough to get advice from these kind of people, for free, asking nothing in return - you should listen even if what they tell is not what you want to hear.

            You have to see the other side of the coin too, when new investors most probably not even profitable want's to sell us 3rd tier names or less for four figures when most of us can find 1000's within just a few minutes of the same caliber for regfee. This is one of those names most on here won't bother buy for regfee in the current market.
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            • Marek
              Marek commented
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              Lovely Domains I am definitely going to bother to buy these kind of names I actually bought today another 20 amazing 1 word domains in .VIP, I will share them here once I finalise the transfers.

              Imo extensins like .XYZ and .VIP are pretty broad (.VIP of course less then .XYZ), and I think it is not bad idea to buy good 1 keyword terms when people are selling now.

              I am pretty surprised you dont feel, saying that you would not not even reg it. I am not 'professional domainer' (I do not do it for living), domains are just one of my investments, but I discuss my purchases with my friends, which in many cases tells me 'what a bs Marek, again' But in this case all told me, wow good combo!

              So if could tell me, if you can freely choose, what keywords would you like to get in .VIP, and why? I am offered now list of few hundreds of .VIP domains from several people, so that can definitely help me in my decisions.