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Forrester here. I've been Pro New gTLDs since Kashpureff/alterNIC

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    Very nice to see someone else as enthusiastic about changing the DNS landscape. Myself I have been around literally since the dawn of the DNS RFC. I cant wait to see what's to come next. I could see perhaps even a decentralized root zone setup. Almost like a blockchain setup with DNS. (DNSBTC?) ... That would introduce so many possibilities it could get dangerously out of control. If ICANN would not go thru so much red-tape, and get lenient (although not too lenient) on allowing organizations to setup mini-registries; That would really populate the TLDs.. I can remember back when editing a few thousand zone files required a bit of script magic (and some very late nights to get everything updated..) But alas, good to see ya here. I think I found a good place to talk about this technophile stuff.. Welcome Forester!