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Forrester here. I've been Pro New gTLDs since Kashpureff/alterNIC

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  • Forrester here. I've been Pro New gTLDs since Kashpureff/alterNIC

    I got into domains in 1997, and was vocal within ICANN about expanding the DNS, keeping and maintaining a Historical Whois, and am an advocate for a Registrants Constituency as well. After all, Registrants are the ones Registering domains and WE in the end - pay all the Stakeholders, Bills, who better than Registrants to know what New gTLDs are desired and to relay what People want from the DNS.

    As we sit and watch these New gTLDs finally launch, almost 20 years after Eugene Kashpureff offered to set anyone with a Trademark up with their own .Brand TLD (for $1500) or create any gTLD for private or open use for (free or $50 if he hadn't already created the .TLD at alterNIC)

    My own belief is that there should have be a DNS with (a) Central Registry with cheap unlimited Generic and BrandTLDs and a simple Registry cPanel created for use in all Open Use gTLDs and Closed use BrandTLDs to allocate SLDs to their franchises, that also allowed access to LEA's to quickly take down Spammers and Malware sites across the entire DNS's TLDs.

    You have to wonder what a DNS with unlimited .TLDs that started back in 1997, in the time before Search Engines, would look like today - if they too were given the opportunity to become type-in domains by default, out of a lack of Search options and browser defaults.

    The main reason .com's have attained value and position they have, is because of their type-ins, and a shortage of viable alternative gTLD options from the beginning, on.

    In my own mind I see ( word.word domains) and (action.Brand/TM/TLD's) domains as the purest form of Direct Navigation or Type-in Domains.

    What remains to be seen is if after those 660 BrandTLDs launch and some of the largest and most trafficked sites in the world finally start pushing their Customers to their New gTLD sites via ( action.Brand/TLD) and their customers get used to typing in their URLs. Will their Billions of visitors see and use the same the same simple reasoning and method to search for other things via exact match verb/noun.noun (word.word) domains.

    I see it as almost 99.999% unavoidable, that they will, and we will eventually see a resurgence in Type-ins to just about every word.word imaginable. Can you imagine what you could learn, having access to all the NXDomain and NXGTLD Data?

    Anyway nice to be here.


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    Welcome to the forum Forrester happy to have you here.
    I do agree with you on many points, I see it as unavoidable that the new gTLD's will be the norm. It is in my mind a matter of time.
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      Welcome Forrester and thank you for sharing this piece of history with us!

      I agree about the reason why .com came to be the default extension in the eyes of the public. If .com was one of the new gTLDs, or rather if the new gTLDs had been launched back in the nineties, .com would be a poor choice. Which is why I think eventually .com will lose its status, as newcomers on the internet who have not grown up with .com will prefer more meaningful (and good-looking) extensions over it.

      First this requires people to see many new gTLDs in the search engine results, which is not yet the case. As long as .com remains pretty much all that shows up in search engine result pages it will retain its status, but I think a few popular websites built on the new gTLDs is all it takes to get the wheel going. The next Facebook or Twitter built on a new gTLD could be the spark that raises global awareness of the new extensions and makes people want to register one, leading to more gTLDs showing up in search results, leading more people to register a new gTLD instead of a .com, and so on and so forth

      As to whether we will see a resurgence of type-ins I think will depend on several factors. Today many browsers are configured with Google by default such that typing something that is not a URL in the URL bar redirects to a Google search results page, and because of this I think that many people now have the habit to use the URL bar to search something on Google rather than to directly access a website, and this habit won't get reverted easily if typing words in the URL bar keeps redirecting to Google search results.

      Another factor is whether companies all start using the same SLD for their main website on their .brand TLD. If main websites can be found on, and, then that will discourage people to type in URLs and they will just use Google again. Something easy to remember would be to find the main website of a brand on www dot brand. If the browser fills in the www automatically, then all one would have to type in the URL bar is .brand

      Interesting times ahead for sure.
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        Welcome Forrester!


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          Welcome Forrester. Good thoughts on the type-in word1.word2. That would mean that the best extensions would be the ones that really mean something. Like .tips, .guide or .dentist. The ones more generic would get less type-ins (.xyz, .web, .world etc.)
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            Really nice that you are sharing your thoughts and knowledge. I'm looking forward to your future messages as well.
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              Hello there and welcome for your first post
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                Very welcome Forrester. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience.
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                  Thanks for sharing , very interesting views.


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                    Thanks for the Welcomes everyone! I joined early on but don't post often (anywhere) and thought it was time to at least stop in and actually say howdy and share something!
                    @ Chad - cross thread post ahead...Great flip congrats ^5 !!
                    @Phil/Chad what's the character limit/post in case I ever get carried away?
                    @ Leo thanks for your views too, and you are right, all that is really needed for a valid and successful navigation is the (.) + Brand (and the Brand configuring where it leads to) no SLD necessary...


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                      Welcome, great to see you join the future :-)


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                        Hey Forrester. Nice to see over here too.


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                          Originally posted by Forrester View Post
                          @Phil/Chad what's the character limit/post in case I ever get carried away?
                          Sorry, just saw this now. Not sure on character limit. If it's not enough we can change it though so type away.


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                            I wanted to just bump this up again after two years and see what everyone thought about Forresters predictions , I agree with him !


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                              In terms of this: "I see it as almost 99.999% unavoidable, that they will, and we will eventually see a resurgence in Type-ins to just about every word.word imaginable. Can you imagine what you could learn, having access to all the NXDomain and NXGTLD Data?"

                              As long as browsers/Google cooperate I would agree, but so much depends on how they handle typed in data.