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Oops!... I Did It Again. Donuts reserving dropping quality ngtlds on everyday basis.

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  • Oops!... I Did It Again. Donuts reserving dropping quality ngtlds on everyday basis.

    So, it is 2016-2017 again.

    Donuts again, for many months, is actively reserving dropping ngtlds.

    After their famous reserving millions of domains back in 2016-2017, they continued such practice, but the scale was much smaller.

    Now it is getting annoying again. Donuts is reserving many quality drops on everyday basis.

    They again are trying to kick domainers out of quality inventory. High registration/renewal fees are not enough for them already.

    Perhaps they got impressed by few high dollar sales they closed in past year, so they want best of dropping inventory to go back into their vault. Not good.

    Their actions to use for-sale landers of third-party sales platforms to park their reserved ngtlds tell a lot as well.

    I also wonder if they monitor published ngtld sales and reserve similar domains in the hope to cash out them on their own. If so, it definitely doesn't help promoting ngtlds. I personally will never share any of my sales of Donuts ngtlds, as I don't want myself to help the registry to compete with me.

    That said, such practice of reserving so many quality drops is short-sighted and poorly thought one imho. It will only harm ngtlds as a whole.
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    At least Andee was with Donuts back then to help but now who is there...
    I predict these actions are the least of new gtld owners worries. Just be prepared for renewal prices to skyrocket. I've seen more and more new gtlds for sale for cheap prices and a lot of decent names dropping (some even become available to register). Once Donuts starts hiking renewal prices for already registered domains then the new gtld aftermarket will effectively die off.


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      Originally posted by kriss05 View Post
      So, it is 2016-2017 again.

      Donuts again, for many months, is actively reserving dropping ngtlds.
      I have noticed this trend too. It started a few months ago, first slowly, and then at an increasing pace.

      Donuts used to be one of the only new gtld registries that really acted as a registry and not as a domain investing company, but it seems that time is over.

      As I mentioned in a previous post, ICANN is either corrupt or inept, to put the destiny of the new gTLD program in the hands of companies founded by domain investors, without specific rules forbidding them to reserve domains or charge premium pricing.

      If all extensions were handled from the get-go as .com (no reserved domains, no premium fees), the user adoption of new gTLDs would probably be 10 times what it is now.


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        .. the registries are trying new cheats again and again instead of starting a serious longterm business.

        more and more the ngtls feels like hot potatos.

        AND COME DOWN WITH THE RENEWALS ! most ngtlds are much more expensive then the com. WHY ? do they have more value ?


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            Just try to get a good price for your quality gtlds, and put it into more safer, and liquid .com's. There is no point reinvesting into an uncertain extension place now. Donuts has been sold, new owners always think they can squeeze more juice out of the fruit. You guys had good insight to invest back in the day, trust your gut, and focus on where much of this is going. How often do you see articles, and PR about GTLD's anymore? I really wish it turned out differently, doesn't mean there isn't sales, or will not be sales, but they are going to be fewer, and further between, and like many have said watch for price increases. I feel sorry for the guys who paid up in EAP, and will likely be facing huge renewal increases.


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              I don't blame Donuts for doing what they're doing.

              They paid a lot of $$$ for those extensions and have overhead to think of.

              They were the best at letting us in on some of the better names compared to others.

              We all had the same shot at getting the best names when they launched.

              If there is blame to be placed I would put it on how ICANN ran these things.


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                I can't complain about it too much. I'm still picking up good names, just not as many as before. But its obvious that its only going to get harder and harder.


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                  to be fair .. if I would have done a lot of money, I would be happy and not judge every step in the domain world

                  we all hoped for a ngtld rise .. to the moon !! ..... but its still winter