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Sedo Crypto Auction - Rejected

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  • Sedo Crypto Auction - Rejected

    I submitted 35 new gTLDs to Sedo's crypto auction a few days ago.

    Some names ok, others not so much, so I expected Sedo would reject some of them.

    Today I received an email: all 35 were rejected, all because they don't meet their "quality requirements".

    Granted, I may not have the best crypto new gTLDs out there, but I was surprised that not even one made it.

    Some examples of domains that got rejected: ( sold last year for $28k),,,

    I know they are not the best, but I have seen many lower quality domains in past Sedo auctions.

    My feeling is that either the game is rigged, or Sedo simply decided to reject all or most new gTLDs, in favor of .com.

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    I submitted 2 names - and and both got rejected. I am surprised that got rejected as ‘cryptocurrency trading’ is a very highly searched term on Google and has very high CPC. Very disappointed with Sedo and as mentioned by Dan, many other names that were approved are much lower quality names.


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      After looking at the inventory of the auction, it is clear to me that Sedo's strategy was to keep new gTLDs out of the auction. I think I saw 3 of them in total.

      The sad thing is that instead the accepted names like, and



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        Guys, honestly, you have submited not the best possible names, come on Lets be frank. Btw, I have submitted few of them as well today (names like, plus few more), but when you submitt new gTLD, it has to be 1 keyworder, and it has to go well with extension as well. And yes, in .com it is safer in 2018 for them to accept keyword1keyword2 form of domains, while this can also change in future.

        Btw, I do not know if they will accept my names or not..what would you guess?
        founder, Brands.International


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          Originally posted by Marek View Post
          Guys, honestly, you have submited not the best possible names, come on
          That is not the point. Even if "" may not be the best, it is definitively much better than "".


          • Marek
            Marek commented
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            You are right. But I have read their rules for submission and they clearly say: "in case of new gTLDs, strong keywords only, and they also must well correspond with extension".

            Btw, your goes very well together, but I think they will not risk keyword1keyword2 new gTLD ... too soon for that for them...if you got something like coin,trading or, they would snatch it!

          • Dan
            Dan commented
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            cryptocurrency is one word (

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            The search volume and CPC for ‘cryptocurrency’ (1.5 million searches) is higher than crypto (250k searches).

            Search volume for ‘cryptocurrency trading’ (30k) is 10 times more than ‘crypto trading’ (3k).

            If you think they rejected it because cryptocurrency isn’t a strong keyword for cryptocurrency then I’m very curious to know what you think is a strong keyword for this?

            To me it’s very strange that despite managing to sell for 42k, they rejected to be in the auction. I’m anxious to see how good the new gtlds that they will approve.

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          OK, so I got several "high reserve" responces which I expected...I lowered reserve for coin / hosting and btc / hosting and got them immediately accepted. They have higher renewals, so although very nice names, it will be ok to sell them so I can keep my philosophy of holding good names while with very low renewals in most cases, and I am sure end users will not mind those few hundreds.

          I will keep my other names for now.

          There is also cryptocurrency / exchange now accepted. I agree cryptocurrency is good string, although I would not go overboard with arguments as search volume, not sure if crypto startups think in those terms really. String "crypto" is 1000x better then string "cryptocurrency", imo.

          Lets see how this auction goes. The crypto market is now more bearish, and it would be maybe better to do that in Dec 2017, but we might be pleasantly surprised
          founder, Brands.International


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            I did not follow the auction to the end, but from what I read in another forum, it was a big failure.

            In that forum, many people posted comments similar to mine, stating how Sedo accepted crappy names and rejected better ones.

            There was even a theory there that a percentage of accepted domains were registered by Sedo employees.