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Carinval crusies purchased

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  • Carinval crusies purchased

    So they bought I'm thinking they will want Oceanview.crusies as well.

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    Have you had any luck getting through the maze of "who to contact about domain names?"


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      I think I found a stealth buyer that is the buying arm for mark monitor


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        I noticed some offers don't come in at the landing page but through other marketplaces where not much is revealed about the potential buyer.
        Anyway, looks like alot going on through middlemen


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          This is the big missing piece for me in terms of selling domains, in terms of creating a complete end to end service for the health of the domain speculation and investment business. Specifically: people who know how to sell, Sales people, Professional sales people. IMHO, I don't think we need any more landing page market place web site providers. No matter how great they are at data storage and ordering and landing page creation, they only go so far - any of them - and then there's crickets. There's a shortage of people who have the skills to connect with the decision makers who would be the right people to contact and educate about why this name would be a huge benefit for their business. I've bee around some tremendous sales people - it's a study and a gift and sadly I'm weak on the selling side. I would be very happy to pay higher commissions for people with those skills, 25% - 30% even. I feel like that's a niche that has not been filled yet.