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  • Self-made landing pages

    I have seen multiple members of this forum using self-made landing pages.

    I wanted to point out a disadvantage that I have noticed in many of them: they won't redirect subdomains to the webpage.

    For example, if the domain is, and a user types into their browser, in most cases it will not reach the landing page.

    Depending on the domain, the number of potential pageviews lost can be big. For example, I own the subdomain, and it gets at least 2-4 visits per day.

    Something to take into account when building your own landing page.

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    Good advice! Never thought about it that way. Thanks!
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      I just tried and uniregistry market - both redirect the subdomains to the main domain


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        Voodoo works but you can't see where it's coming from other than the domain. Example if I type, I can just see that had a visitor unless I'm overlooking it.
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        • Dan
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          I think that is the case with bodis and uniregistry too. It would be useful to know where traffic is coming from

      • #5 is available for $25...will prob get some traffic if the others are. Boats too I think.


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          Originally posted by Chad View Post
 is available for $25...will prob get some traffic if the others are. Boats too I think.
          Thanks! I got Brock beat me to the other one, though.