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    I had an api running to register and and both went to the drop time but were then set to Reserved status by the registry. I wonder if they are going to make all dropping domains go to Reserved status.....

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    Wouldn't surprise me if they were grabbing the good ones like those..
    Domains for-sale,


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      additct , i was checking cigar and tobacco shop more than 20 times a day and these f.. guys decided to reserve these domains. it is such a turn off
      in an other note, I was lucky enough to purchase and , not sure what happened to Edward, but Phil sold him these 2 domains last year for about 16kUSD in total, I hope Edward is ok, i sent him an email to find out what is going on but he never responded to my email.


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        Hopefully he is okay and just taking a break or something. I remember he took a while off before as well.
        Those are 2 amazing domains though!

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      I suspect the registry will probably reserve all good .shop drops


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        About 50-60% of my drops (overall, regardless of extension) are taken by registry.
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