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what is better name for domain store?

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  • what is better name for domain store?

    Guys, what is your opinion - at the moment my domain store is named brands*international
    I own also domain theonline*store, and although it is prefixed with "the", I really like it.
    My question is: what would you choose for your domain store in case you would need to choose ONLY between those 2 names, and why ?
    Thank you
    founder, Brands.International

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    First one. IMO it works better for domaining.

    Best of luck!
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      What fancy said


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        Thanks, guys, I appreciate that!

        Is there anyone who actually likes theonline*store better then brands*international? iI not, I will forget to rebrand for now
        founder, Brands.International


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          Brands.International is actually very cool and the better one imo
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            The problem with theonline*store is that it has nothing to do with domains.


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     . dont like


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       is ok .. maybe bit long

                I am sure the perfect name for u is waiting out there and available
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                  Thank you all. So no rebranding for now..I personally like theonline*store more, but as everyone else likes brands*international more the theonline*store, I just stick with it
                  founder, Brands.International


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                    People who follow GTLD's do not even know .INTERNATIONAL is a live extension, as royal said it is way to long.

                    If you look at what is on top of buyers wish list, it is short, catchy type domains. The latter extensions have proved to be tough to catch them, but the result of your domain, is equal to the quality of your domain, and that is of subpar quality. Unless you do massive advertising, and SEO work, you will find it very hard to gain traction.

                    I would step up, and pay the $500, and grab a better brand for your sales channel.


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                      Have you considered using a .domains? I haven't checked lately but I'm sure there are plenty of good to decent ones available. I recently started using to forward to my list of domains for sale.


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               is better but long.

               is not even a consideration to me for any type of site.

                        Most brand buyers are looking for really short or one word domains. One word left of the dot.

                        Even with a good "domain store" it's all about how you are going to get traffic.

                        Most sales are made by buyers looking up a specific domain not shopping around at a domain store.

                        If you are going to run one, like I said, you gotta have seriously strong short and one word domains and then get traffic.


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                          Thank you guys for all your comments and ideas, I really appreciate it!

                          Yes, this is what I had in mind, .international is a pretty long one, so that's the reason I started to think about possible change. I kinda like a name, but I guess I would like to have something even better.
                          I was considering, but as nobody here likes it as well, I am forgetting about it, lol.

                          Btw, I really like, that is pretty cool name Addict I will have a look if there is some decent keyword available, and not too expensive.

                          founder, Brands.International