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Four in 10 new gTLDs are shrinking

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  • Four in 10 new gTLDs are shrinking

    Domain Incite has an article on the decline in numbers of some 40 gtlds, with a chart of who is losing what. Glad to see only one gtld on the list of what I own, and my one domain in that gtld gets traffic! Hope not too many here jumped into too many of the listed ones.

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    The Chinese rush on these back then really throws off the real numbers.


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      This report is on par with what has happend ti discounted, and over sold extensions in the past. We will see many of the mainstream extensions experience some weakness as they sold discounted registrations, as those roll into regular renewals, you will see some decline also. Not much good buzz around gtld's right now, it is apparent .com is not going anywhere, and is still top tier. To the people who buy GTLD's to develop, well that has shown good for many on this board, and hope that trend continues.


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        it is nice to see that some great and solid extensions (like .life, .world, .live, .city, .online and some others) are going up nicely and steadily...also some pretty good sites already developed on them. Quality counts.
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