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BIN vs Make-an-Offer

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  • BIN vs Make-an-Offer

    I was wondering if anyone in this forum has experience with both could recommend which one is better?

    I just read that Mike Mann (owner of just switched the majority of his domains from BIN to Make-an-offer.

    Up to now, my strategy has been BIN for domains that I don't think will sell for more than $3k, and Make-an-offer for all others. But am I losing opportunities due to this strategy?

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    Names I won't renew or the lower $xxxx ones I will likely slap a BIN on, make an offer usually works best for me.
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      BIN is good for lower end names at up to 5K and even some mid level pricing. Higher end names better to be priced based on who inquirer is.

      I rarely use make an offer as that rarely goes anywhere. I price them out.

      I plan to put BIN's on about half my portfolio soon.

      Not sure what Mike is up to. He's probably just goofing around and trying different things. He's in a different boat than most being that he is already financially set for life. He could retire but probably finds his life empty without domaining (just a hunch).


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        Originally posted by Chad View Post
        I rarely use make an offer as that rarely goes anywhere. I price them out.
        I previously misspoke, when I said "Make an Offer", what I meant is DomainNameSales-style inquiries. Make an Offer by itself without the possibility of negotiation makes no sense to me.


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          I don't like the make an offer on the DNS landers either. Everyone starts low. Waste of time. I rather have them send their info for a price quote. They can make an offer after hearing the quote. (Might be what you mean as well).

          Going to get my portfolio fine tuned after summer. DNS charges 10% for BIN lander sales so need to get something else going. Probably go custom.


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            I agree with above. Lower priced domains should usually have BIN attached and process more less automatic. When someone write me an email about domain which I would price in high range, I usually try to get person at phone - I send them my phone number and ask them to set up a phone call at particular date/time. I believe In first 1-2 minutes of chat you can get much more information about your buyer then via email exchanges, which can take weeks/months, and at the end of that you still have no info in many cases.

            I more and more start to adopt approach - no chat, no domain
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              I'm mixing it up, a little bit of everything since I don't feel there's a definitive answer BJMO.
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                As most of my domains are in the $xxx - $xxxx range, i prefer to use BIN.

                I have good experience from using it.
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