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Advantages of .online domains to end user -ranking?

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  • Advantages of .online domains to end user -ranking?

    Hi guys,

    I have larger set of .online domains in various languages, and I am about to approach various end users.

    I would like to get some idea about this - do you think there is any sale pitch in regards of how good keyword .online domain can influence ranking in google search? (and therefore can save end user some costs related to adword campains).

    Example : there are 1000 different eshops selling jewelry..some of them has "jewelry" in their domain name, some of them are brands (no connection to word jewelry whatsoever) case all sites are equally developed, will domain like has a competetive advantage over something like If that is the case, how exactly would you explain that to end user?

    many thanks
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    The best way to explain is to show them live ngtld sites that are ranking well for their exact match search terms. A good example is The site ranks first for 'data world' beating and of course the developed sites need to have quality with good on site and off site SEO.


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      That is one good idea, thank you

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    For ranking , content , content , content is king... For click through exact match domains seem to do better .com or word.word unless a very well know brand ... Klenex verse nose tissue ...

    There have a been a few white papers talking about the value of word.word doing well in Adwords as far as relevant score and a lower price per 1000 in terms of cpc .. is very broad but if it showed up as a paid listing or as an organic on page one I think you would have a stronger click through rate than