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  • The Rick Schwartz Challenge

    As per Elliot's blog based on Ricks Schwartz's Twitter, Rick (AKA Domain King) plans to drop ALL his premium .whatevers in 2017.

    Rick goes on to say "Ones I paid TENS of thousands of $$ for. $500k loss. Tax benefit. is ONLY value..."

    So my question is, what are these premium names?

    I was in the mix for the best of the best when each extension rolled out and I do not remember Rick being a player that took any from me. No, not even one domain!

    So what premium ntlds does Rick own?

    What is the definition of premium here?

    Rick, can you post a few? I know what is premium in dotcom, and I know what you know is premium in dotcom, so what do you consider premium in a ntld?
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    Just because you are successful in one extension does not mean you are a "king" of the others. $500k loss is really really bad business, but at the same time I'm not surprised. I had several lyrical "high" profile domainers reach out to me with worthless names. Never seen Rick own a premium .whatever.

    I found a formula that works for these, its not that hard. Just not as easy as .com where most ok stuff can sell.
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      Great post Chad, I never lost a name in eap that I wanted , I lost them to you , to Mike to a very few others ... But I've never seen anything I was interested in that Rick owns , other than .com of course .

      Maybe he went heavy in .xxx that's how he got his start was by registering adult .com and the Ppc that he was earning . if he paid a super premium for those early he may registered . I don't consider that part of what most of us here speculate on. I'm with you I would love to see his best new gtlds .. Non adult .
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        It has been said, Rick may be talking about his .TV/.XXX/.Mobi purchases.

        I guess there needs to be some clarification on what ".whatevers" are considered to be. Most in the space, see these as being the "new gtlds".


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          I never saw the king on a ngTLD whois


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            I too would like to see the 500K worth of g's he's dropping. I did find this on the net..
            1. He is buying gTLDs in big numbers. Rick bought hundreds of domain in gTLDs such as .bargains, .watch, .vacations, .center, .systems, .photo, .tips, .management, .contractors, .limo, .support, .directory, .graphics, .ninja, .construction, .florist, .domains, .lighting, .repair, .recipes, .institute, and many more.
            2. When Rick registers new gTLDs he tend to stick to common keywords to the left and register those keywords in multiple new gTLDs. For instance he registered the following keywords in multiple gTLDS. Bargain, ASAP, 24hour, action, crappy, bullshit, cheapest, fastest, fabulous, greatest (lots of these), lousy, ripoff, scam. You get the point. It also shows he likes the negative domains.
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              Of those mentioned , none would of been something I went for .. Even or are second tier at best in my opinion .


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                I personally think he is a very clever guy, and a visionary. Has lot of very good arguments and interesting points. But it has also so happened, that he owns beautiful portfolio of .coms, and as new gTLDs are in direct competition with that, we need to take all gTLDs statements with proverbial "pinch of salt" from obvious reasons...It might also well be that he is dropping names with larger premium renewals, and will still hold great names where renewals are standard or lower..we probably will never know for sure.

                Information from WHOIS can not tell us anything at all, as people can keep their domains under privacy or under various investment vehicles not directly connected to them.
                Conclusion : we really can not know exactly, and that is fine. We should not follow what famous domainers are stating they are doing, but should follow our own brains and our own vision of future, I guess
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                  Rick , knows how to make money , for sure in .com like chad has as well , but the new G's are different .. I still have not seen a single person list names they are dropping that i would registered at any amount .. except a handful that chad dropped.. most of the loudest naysayers either have not bought and or sold any gtlds or they bought junk to begin with .. same thing would of happened in .com had they bought the same types of names.. has nothing to do with being a gtld.


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                    Still would like to see what he's dropping, 500K is a lot!
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                      Rick read my invite about this thread but I don't think he'll be chiming in here. He has been active on Twitter though about gtlds.

                      Frank Schilling, either in reply to Ricks comments or coincidentally, said this:

                      The #domainers who deride new #GTLD names the most, don't own any, and fear dilution. Denial won't increase the value of your .com portfolio


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                        Originally posted by Phil View Post
                        but the new G's are different ..
                        The certainly are. There was a learning curve with them for sure. The good stuff is the good stuff though.

                        I do think people need to look at where they are now and weed out names that aren't going to be fruitful any time soon.

                        Check traffic, revenue, how many inquiries a name gets, search volume, usage in other extensions, trends, etc, etc.

                        My portfolio is lean and mean now. Inquiries and sales this year are trending upwards. I'll be reporting another sale here this week.


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                          Originally posted by Chad View Post
                          It has been said, Rick may be talking about his .TV/.XXX/.Mobi purchases.

                          I guess there needs to be some clarification on what ".whatevers" are considered to be. Most in the space, see these as being the "new gtlds".
                          Actually what Rick said is "I plan 2 drop ALL my premium .whatevers in 2017."

                          That means he still owns them. This is not about his buy or whatever a decade plus ago.

                          I adore Rick but it is obvious he is lying. I also, ask, show me your drop list? Why not? Several members here might buy them and save you some major losses.

                          I don't think Rick owns ONE. Frank Schilling is right and wins the battle.


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                            Maybe, just maybe Rick consider anything premium priced "premium .whatever" lol
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                              I can't wait for the next post in 2020. be well and God bless Rick. the top two extensions will always be.COM and .TV