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Website value and revenue calculator.

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  • Website value and revenue calculator.

    Interesting site I came across to check website revenue - Please share if you know any other good ones.

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    This site estimates value and revenue of developed websites and not the domain name itself.

    I realise that it calculates developed website's value based on traffic, CPC etc. I just use them to estimate website earnings from ads and not from services/stuffs sold.

    Obviously the site can't be accurate but not too bad compared to the other sites I've come across.


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      Same thing like at EstiBot - They are only bots. I have used this service, but let's say this kind of example:

      Some forum, which has 5,000 registered users who uses that forum (like travel forum and there are hundreds of this kind of forums), this forum appraises it let's say at 5K. Then someone get's a great idea and publishes it online, like - which is great invention. Bot gives it value of 1K. Bot never know the future value, does it have patents pending etc, which raises really much company's value. Don't never use bots to appraise your websites, domains etc. You get the best appraisal for domain names and websites when you make a little bit research example from google and use your own head.


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        I use it to check potential revenue that I would get developing sites in different niches. I am a web developer and I have developed quite a number of websites.

        I ignore the value it gives for websites as this is very subjective but I am interested to learn how much certain websites are making and I find it quite useful.

        Instead of manually checking CPCs, search volume, traffic, competition on kwfinder, Keyword Planner, Alexa, similarweb etc for a site and having to calculate in your head how much they're making by finding and looking at all the stats, the bot does all that for you. You may then use your own head more efficiently.