Hey Look a Blog in a Forum.....Page Howe's blogging new Tld's and no its not all about .LA.

So i think this is like "crossing the streams" in Ghostbusters (The Original) but now that im in here, the wonderful home of true New G investors, GTLD.LINK i figured id pontificate a bit.. Thanks for the view.

.XYZ - WOW Millions of names registered and i have a different take that the best is yet to come...maybe. Daniel and his team have done a great job of telling people what to buy, Cities , Names Words. The last week saw domain investors bust open the doors of two word combos in almost unlimited possibilities - Take 10,000 Dicitonary word, mix with 10,000 dictionary words, make 1,000,000 names register them all....... what thats a lot of renewal notices.

While it seems most other bloggers went for the register everything you can think of at .01 and if something sells your in the money (and Not too bad and i wish them well.)
I think some of the most creative uses of .xyz may come in the next month when investors and creative types realize they can build entire networks of sellable sites, with very little up front costs and a free look for one year to see if some type of creative application works.

Say i wanted to give a name to every school in the country, At .22c i could. Say i wanted ot buy the names of every street, and put address before 123.mainst.xyz. Or phone numbers or dates. Now 22c is 22x 1c so we will see how it goes. But im thinkin of trying to do one batch 1000 names - what would do if you had a year free look?

More on this as the month progresses.

ON the other side, when i posted some of my .xyz names for sale (Top 25 US Cities and Top 100 Baby Names) facebook constantly made me click a confirming picture image thingy because they said some sites had troublesome link histories, and this only started when i started mentioned .xyz's in my post.

Next time - The .5 Word Domain Name - The Winner in New G's